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The Only Cloud-Sourced App That Awardz Users For Creativity

     Several nerd interns chained to their tables in our basement have been assigned the task of selecting eBooks, Print Books, Albums, Audiobooks, special items and DVDs that they wish they could afford... and we are pleased with their selections that cover everything from How to Speak Klingon, Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot and A Guide to Meeting Women, as well as the Big Bang Theory, Computer Programming, plus books and items created by our followers on subjects like Film Scoring, Legal Mysteriesand instructional DVDs on Sign Language. Follow us on Twitter @TheRealNerdz47 for new items/titles added to the READ section of our Store that our interns believe have Nerdz appeal.

       At the suggestion of numerous nerdz we know (every one of our friends), our Use category will feature our logo'd Pocket Protectors, Touch-Screen Syli, Lapel Pins, Slide Rulers, Bumper Stickers and other items that every nerd should have handy at all times. And if there's anything you feel would be a good item for the Store, please don't hesitate to let us know @TheRealNerdz47

       We offer a complete line of garments with the two main @TheRealNerdz47 logos (Nz element symbol and Eared Brain). They include T-shirts, Golf Shirts, Dress Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Caps and other logo'd items allowing you to proudly let the world know that you're proud to be a member of the modern community of nerds that will be sure to take over the world by using brain super-power.

       Nerdz47 now offers books that you can listen to, on interesting subjects like how to write a mystery novel, a guide to meeting new females, buying foreclosures, getting started as a stand-up comedian, and more. They are all separated into chapters that can be listened to for as little as 99¢ each

       Golf - Golf Accessories