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    At the suggestion of numerous nerdz we know (every one of our friends), our Use category will feature our logo'd Pocket Protectors, Touch-Screen Syli, Lapel Pins, Slide Rulers, Bumper Stickers and other items that every nerd should have handy at all times. And if there's anything you feel would be a good item for the Store, please don't hesitate to let us know @TheRealNerdz47.

     At the present time we can't take your order because our shopping cart is being re-designed, so please check back next month, and we should be in a much better position to take your money then.

Cloisonné pins

       If you watch television you've probably noticed that U.S. Senators usually wear a small, round, distinctive pin in on their left lapel. That's to let you know they belong to an exclusive 100-member community that you'll never get into.
       Well, we've got a community too... our N2N (Nerd-to-Nerd) that we won't let the Senators into - and we've got our own pins. We may not have lapels like the Senators, but we can still put an N2N pin on a jacket, hoodie, scarf, cap, or any place else we feel like it, to make it easy for other members of our community to recognize us and say hello.


       Have you ever noticed those "TCP" numbers on the left side of a car's front and rear bumpers? Those are federal Transportation Charter Permit numbers that every limo or livery vehicle must display - and it lets you know that some rich VIP is in that vehicle.
       Well, they've got nothing on us, because instead of those gaudy TCP numbers, we've got our own I.D. stuff - our discreet Nerdzium stickers that should be placed on the right side of your front and rear bumpers, to let other members of our N2N community know that you also belong.

Chat cards

       Do you occasionally find it awkward starting a conversation with someone who you think you might have something in common with?
       Well - those days are over, because as an N2N member and certified user of Nerdz47, all you have to do is either approach another member either wearing one of our logos or displaying a bumper sticker, and either hand them a Chat Card in person or leave one on their windshield, and the ice will have been broken. Anyone receiving a card on their vehicle or in person can easily check out your Twitter profile to see if you share common interests, and you've got a new friend!

Computer Comfort Gloves

       This brand new product designed for people working at computers all day has been surprising its testers.
       Many of our nerdish friends have tested these gloves and reported that after hours of data entry they experienced a noticeable lessening of the fatigue normally associated with extended sessions of keyboard usage.
       One Nerdz47 user is an author who reports that ever since starting the daily habit of putting on his pair of gloves and using the fingertip-revealing feature, his creative juices kick in and he no longer suffers from the occasional case of writer's block.
       He just ordered his third pair due to several 'appropriations' - one by his wife for gardening, and another by his daughter for tennis... and his young son has been hinting that he'd like to try a pair to use for Grand Theft Auto [we assume he means the video game and not the real thing].
       If you have a family you'd better play it safe and order a 3-pair-family-pack [you can mix the sizes], because as the author learned, they're likely to be appropriated by members of whatever household they are brought into, for use in various activities we never imagined and that are continually amazing us.

Pocket Protectors

       No nerd wearing a shirt-like garment with pockets should ever be without a pocket protector. Sure, we know that you don't need to carry a slide rule anymore, but there are plenty of writing implements out there that can do damage to an item of clothing if the tip remains exposed.
       In addition to providing protections for your item of clothing, this Pocket Protector contains our two main logos, letting other members of our N2N community recognize you as a kindred spirit, and therefore not asking you "what do those things on your pocket protector mean?" Several N2N M.D.s we know that wear our protectors with their white 'doctor' coats simply answer questions like that with "it's an exclusive organization I belong to."

USB Chargers

       If you haven't got a new car that came equipped with a USB charging port (hopefully instead of a cigarette lighter plug), then this item is a 'must' for your car, to keep you cell phone, tablet, or any other tech device charged up.
       We've got them in five different colors, so you never have to worry about a conflict with the burled walnut trim in your Rolls Royce, or the cracked plastic dashboard in your finally-paid-off 15-year-old Mazda.

PrideSports Golf Ball Pick-Up

       Never bend over to retrieve your ball again. The countless back aches on the green are over! With the PrideSports ball pick-up, golfers can retrieve their ball while standing upright.

Ceramic Mugs

       Nothing says you're a nerd more than drinking wine from one of our customized mugs... that is, unless the wine is being poured into the mug from the box that it came in.
        Wine isn't the only thing you can use these mugs for: they're also great for coffee, tea, soup, cola and/or any other beverage you favor.
       One of our N2N members let us know that he uses one of our mugs to hold a couple of handfuls of his favorite granola that he snacks on while sitting in his cubicle.

Touch Screen Stylus

       The new touch-screen devices can be really great to use, unless you're one of those unfortunate persons with a fried-chicken addiction... that's a bad combination, usually leading to 'messy screen syndrome.'
     Well, not to worry: Nerdz47 to the rescue - our customized touch-screen stylus will let you eat all that heart-healthy grease while working with your touch-screen device. Just let the stylus do the walking.
      And that's not all... every stylus has a built-in LED penlight at the other end, so when you drop a piece of food under your desk, you'll be able to find it before your dog does.

Not wanting to force you guya into a touch-screen stylus monopoly, we like to offer a choice: if you’ feel that one of these styli will make you life easier, here are two places to order one.

  1. The one from Levenger pictured here, usually $79.95 but on sale for the wonderfully low price of only $59.95....   or,
  2. Our touch screen stylus that not only does what Levenger’s does, but also has a LED penlite to read menu prices in those dark restaurants – for only $4.95 – and please keep in mind that no matter how many things you order from the USE and WEAR sections of our Store, the $6.95* fixed price for UPS shipping remains the same – so feel free to take advantage of us and load up with stuff.

[*for shipments to U.S. states and territories only. For other locations, once order is placed,
  an exact shipping price will be sent for your authorization/approval]

L-Tech Plus Rollerball with Stylus
Price: $79.00 Now $59.00 Save 25%

Walkie Talkie Wristband Set


More items coming soon

       Follow us @TheRealNerdz47 for announcements about new items being added to the Store, and check out our NEWZ page frequently for newzworthy updates.

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NOTE: Keep in mind that no matter how many different items you order from WEAR or USE sections of our Store, the total UPS shipping charge for everything in one package will always be the same $6.95 to any street address in the continental U.S. (48 states). For orders outside the lower 48, to U.S. territories or other countries, send a complete shipping address and list of items to be ordered to and we'll let you know in advance what the shipping charge will be... and don't forget to follow us @TheRealNerdz47 for info on new additions to the store, opening periods for our Awardz program, and other stuff.