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Welcome to our Nerd-to-Nerd Page


Nerd to Nerd Community

Welcome to N2N, a new community of users, with a goal to allow its members to identify other local like-minded members (w/our N2N stickers, items, and garments) and hopefully meet for interesting conversation about common interests.

When you register below (it's free), you will automatically become one of our members and have access to our zip-code database of other members and our compatibility chart, to help with your decision whether or not to start communicating and maybe even meet in person.

Note that our registration form does not ask for your last name, age, sex, or occupation. That's all personal info that you should only share with others on a voluntary basis, if ever at all.

However, we do request an email address and Twitter ID, but rest assured that our privacy is strictly followed: your email address is never given out to any other member, sold to marketers, or used for any other purpose other than to occasionally notify you of updates to our website. Once you decide to start communicating with another member/s, emails are a lot easier to use that Twitter, and is usually checked more frequently.

If you don't have a Twitter ID, you should get one before registering, because it will be used as your password for access to our members-only Zip Code directory, for use to communicate with any person you might want, and view their profile (without giving out your email address), and also to download our Member Compatibility Communication Chart to possibly avoid any ideological conflicts.

N2N is not designed as a dating site, but if any lasting relationships are formed between registered members, let us know: we'd like to send a gift - and with your permission, feature you both (with pics) in our Newz section.

To register, please fill in your details below and click Submit.
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(Your email address is never displayed to others).

PRIVACY NOTE: There is absolutely no way on earth that any of your information in the N2N TwitterBase will ever be released for any marketing purpose. Genmar Global maintains a no-association policy when it comes to sharing of information with any outside organization, and you should immediately discard any communication from a person in Nigeria claiming to be a wealthy prince. No matter what he says, he is not the uncle of our CEO. A distant cousin, maybe... but not an uncle.

We reserve the right to reject the mentioning of sexually implicit interests or other descriptive words we deem inappropriate. In other words, hookers: you need not join - but if you do, please be off-duty when on our Twitterbase.'