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NERDZ: 47 Varieties
Welcome to the Nerdz47 Store Page



     We offer a complete line of garments with the two main Nerdz47 logos (Nz element symbol and Eared Brain). They include T-shirts, Golf Shirts, Dress Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Caps and other logo'd items allowing you to proudly let the world know that you're proud to be a member of the modern community of nerds that will be sure to take over the world by using brain super-power.

     At the present time we can't take your order because our shopping cart is being re-designed, so please check back next month, and we should be in a much better position to take your money then.

          During preparation for the official release date of our Nerdz47 app, we experimented with the placing of our two main logos (Nerdzium Symbol and Eared Brain) on several garments, as shown here on these white and dark green golf shirts.
      As the description for the Blue Button-down Shirt shown below explains, our experiments weren't all a total success, but we did learn a valuable lesson from one failure in particular: it's a lot easier and more economical to sew or iron-on one of our embroidered log patches than it is to embroider the logo directly onto a garment.
         Therefore, with respect to shirts other than Tees (they'll all be silkscreened), instead of stocking large amounts of shirts in different sizes and offering them with embroidered logos, we'll be suggesting that you order a set of our embroidered patches that can be sewed or ironed onto any garment or other item in any desired location.


      We’ll be leaving the non-tee shirts on this page, not for the taking of orders, but to provide some suggestions for logo placement on your own garments.

      [All patches are treated with a heat-sensitive adhesive for easy ironing on, or sewing]


     This was our biggest seller at the Austin, TX Wizard World Comic Con last November, and at first we couldn’t figure out why because at that time our Nerdz 47 app hadn't even been released - until we finally figured it out.
   We saw a lot of Star Trek fans, Batman fans, Star Wars Fans, and people who were devout followers of a lot of the exhibitors... but even though there were many fans of many shows and characters, they all had one thing in common: they were all nerds – and when it becomes a little uncomfortable to dress like Captain Kirk, R2D2, a Klingon or a Wookie when going to work, classes, or going out on a Friday night date and meeting his or her parents, the one thing you can always get away with wearing is our Nerdz47 T-shirt.
   This white one was the only one we brought to convention and we got a lot of good suggestions from the crowd, so pretty soon we’ll be having several others for you to choose from including some different designs on different colored shirts.
   When the new ones come out we’ll be permanently discontinuing the white one pictured here, so you might as well order one or more while they’re still available and not yet collectors’ items.


      If you’re unfortunate enough to work in an office environment, this is our ‘formal’ logo garment: a blue button-down shirt that displays our Nerdzium logo.
      Looks nice, doesn’t it? Well, too bad – because it’s not available, because if you take a good look at it, you’ll see that we made a mistake. Instead of the embroidered logo being on the pocket, it is above it.
      The reason for this misplacement is that by embroidering onto the pocket, we would have sewed the pocket shut. The only way to embroider onto the pocket is to do it before the flap is sewed onto the shirt... and we don’t have that capability, because we do not assemble shirts.
      So... if you’d like to have a blue button-down shirt with our embroidered Nerdzium logo on the pocket, here’s our suggestion:
      1. Buy a blue button-down shirt
          (or any other garment you’d like to personalize);
     2. Order a set (5) of our embroidered, iron-on Nerdzium
     3. Iron the patches onto whatever garments you want to
          display our Nerdzium.


Nerdz47 Caps with Iron on Patch

      What a couple of hats could look like with our logo patches sewed or ironed on. They can go on any item you own.

Nerdzium Caps

      Here they are at last: Our brand new Nerdzium low-profile caps, in either blue or white... too late for last November's Austin TX Wizard World Comic Con, but in time for the next couple of conventions.

      As you can see, they don't sport the eared brain logo of our tall baseball cap because these have been specially designed for the conservative branch of Nerdism.

      We are now planning to send some members of our staff all the way to East Nerdistan on a mission to locate a factory that will manufacture the next group of garments with some of the new logo designs in the development stage for shirts and caps. Here's an advance peek at one of them.


Nerdz47 Iron-On Patch

      Here's our sew-on/iron-on patch. It's 3.0" wide X 2.75" high, and can easily be ironed or sewed on to almost any garment except one with a wide knit (like a watch cap), on which it should be sewed because the adhesive may not have enough flat surface to bond with.
      We are offering these patches in groups of three, and like our other low-cost items, please keep in mind that the total UPS shipping charge for any order from the WEAR and/or USE sections of our store is $6.95 to any of the cont'l. U.S. states, so it makes sense to order more than one item to lower the shipping average for each.


Computer Comfort Gloves

       This brand new product designed for people working at computers all day has been surprising its testers.
       Many of our nerdish friends have tested these gloves and reported that after hours of data entry they experienced a noticeable lessening of the fatigue normally associated with extended sessions of keyboard usage.
       One Nerdz47 user is an author who reports that ever since starting the daily habit of putting on his pair of gloves and using the fingertip-revealing feature, his creative juices kick in and he no longer suffers from the occasional case of writer's block.
       He just ordered his third pair due to several 'appropriations' - one by his wife for gardening, and another by his daughter for tennis... and his young son has been hinting that he'd like to try a pair to use for Grand Theft Auto [we assume he means the video game and not the real thing].
       If you have a family you'd better play it safe and order a 3-pair-family-pack [you can mix the sizes], because as the author learned, they're likely to be appropriated by members of whatever household they are brought into, for use in various activities we never imagined and that are continually amazing us.


Prices are listed on our ORDER FORM

NOTE: Keep in mind that no matter how many different items you order from WEAR or USE sections of our Store, the total UPS shipping charge for everything in one package will always be the same $6.95 to any street address in the continental U.S. (48 states). For orders outside the lower 48, to U.S. territories or other countries, send a complete shipping address and list of items to be ordered by email (address at bottom) and we'll let you know in advance what the shipping charge will be... and don't forget to follow us @TheRealNerdz47 for info on new additions to the store, opening periods for our Awardz program, and other stuff.