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School Institutes BYOC program

   The L.A.P.D. has received several citizen complaints from neighbors of the San Fernando Valley offices of the Pacoima University Online Medical School, about strange odors coming out of some of the school's windows.
    When contacting the school, we received a recorded message that states:
    "We apologize for any slight olfactory disturbance that some of our nearby neighbors have complained of. They are no doubt the result of our new on-campus anatomy courses we are now offering. We will try to remedy the problem with improved ventilation."
   A volunteer Nerdz reporter interviewed one of the school's medical students as he arrived at the school, and he explained that the complaints are no doubt a result of the school's cost-cutting initiative requiring anatomy class students to 'Bring Your Own Cadaver'.


Do you have to be a nerd to read on a NeRD?

(edited for space)

   by Lily Hay Newman - lead blogger for Future Tense. Follow her at @lilyhnewman

   I don't think nerd is a derogatory term at all. I think people should be proud if they're called nerds or feel nerdy, because having intelligence as a dominant trait is cool. But the word can have some negative connotations and people often use it as a criticism or in a self-deprecating way. So is it weird that the Navy's new e-readers are called "Navy e-Reader Devices" or NeRDs? Yeah, kind of.
   Kindles, iPads, and other tablets/e-readers are currently forbidden on Navy vessels. They take up space, and, more importantly, can be a security threat because of connectivity points like wi-fi, expandable storage, and USB ports. The devices don't have Internet access, and their content is fixed. The idea is that the Navy can expand the reading material it offers on ships and submarines for recreation, while also throwing in some texts for professional development that would be too big to fit in the small locker that's usually allotted for books on Navy vessels.
   The project has been rewarding because he has been getting positive feedback from Navy personnel. Former sailors say they wish they had had something similar during their service, and sailors currently on active duty say that they're excited to start using NeRDs. The e-readers will be allotted to Navy vessels based on size, and will be shared among the sailors.

Nerds at Sea

    The U.S. Navy has some new Nerds, but they're not likely join our Nerdz47 N2N community, because they are not people... they're reading devices - more specifically, each one is a Navy eReading Device.
   The content stored on each NeRD is a subset of the 108,000-title Navy General Library Program, meaning sailors will have access to a range of books both old and new. And because the content can never be changed, the e-reader does not need or have WiFi, an SD card slot, or any other connections beyond a charging port.
    I'll bet that just like airlines are reluctant to show in-flight action movies about skyjacking, the Navy won't be showing Richard Henry Dana Jr.'s great 1840 novel, Two Years Before the Mast.
      The big giant heads of Nerdz47 have decided that when our STORE goes live, payment for items in the WEAR and USE sales categories will only be accepted via PayPal, and that BitCoins are too non-nerdish for us to consider as legal tender.
   Payment for items in our READ category can be made in the traditional ways, because those orders will all be processed and shipped by various divisions of, and Jeff Bezos is so Nerdish (just take a look at him) that we don't believe BitCoins will be accepted there during his lifetime.
  1. Our neighbor's Paul Mitchell display at the show.
2. Paul Mitchell volunteers were making up some show attendees.
3. Oops! There's our friend Paul Mitchell (on the left, wearing the black hat). He's a really nice guy, but we decided not to ask him to wear one of our shirts... (not all billionaires are nerds)
  The two robots who wouldn't wear our shirts, walking away from us
     The 2013 Austin Texas WizardWorld/Comic Con event just finished its 3-day run and was a resounding success for us. Attendees were wall-to-wall and we completely sold out of Nerdz47 brain-logo hats and T-shirts.
   We tried to get one of our shirts onto R2D2, but even the XX-large wouldn't stretch enough. He was so disappointed he couldn't wear one that he absolutely refused to allow his friend 3-CPO to put one on. It looks like egos come in all sizes.
  A T-Shirt vendor at the Austin, TX WizardWorld show.
  Girls at the show also loved our hats and shirts... they all sold out.
  We tried to get C-3PO to wear one of our T-shirts, but R2-D2 told him not to.
  Genmar Global is pleased to announce that logo T-shirts and other items from our Nerdz47 Store will only be available nationwide in only two places: from our website Store, or as the result of a new contract, at and every one of the WizardWorld events throughout the country, starting this month during the Austin, Texas convention, where our T-shirt will debut.

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