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Nerdz 47

AWARDZ PROGRAM (for money and fame)

Now that you've had an opportunity to see the topics and information in the NERDZ47 app, you know what we're looking for.

Unfortunately, due to time limitations the first version of the app only has 37 topics instead of the 47 that we planned to have in all releases. In the future, new ones will be separated out into apps that will cover specific topics like Sports, Science, Films, etc., in a similar fashion as the 'general' one that you are now using.

We will be opening up our Awardz Program soon to allow users to offer suggestions for an additional 10 general topics to be added to the first release, to help us bring it up to a full 47 and at the same time get some AWARDZ out to the most important Nerdz in the world... our users.

Awards for successful topics (ones that are actually used) range from $100 first prize for submission of each successful suggestion (actually used in the app), with smaller awards ($75, $50, $25) for later submissions of same winning topics, and NERDZ hats, T-Shirts for runner-ups

Follow us on Twitter @TheRealNerdz47 to receive info on submission dates, award winners, updates on app construction progress, category changes, popular topics already submitted that should be avoided, number of followers, and other relevant information.

When a topic submission period opens for any category, all followers will be tweeted a special website URL containing the form that each suggestion must be submitted on. This will help us automatically create a database of suggested topics for each of our 11 categories, the information from which will be published with the winners' names, suggested topic and date submitted which determines winning of a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place or runner-up award. If desired, any 1st-place winner for a topic may have his or her name added to the finished app as a 'credit:' (that's the fame part)

All submissions will be kept on file for possible future use and award, so please make sure that you follow @TheRealNerdz47 on Twitter to know when each submission period opens. Announcements will be sent out several times, prior to each submission period opening. Any suggestion tweeted outside of the specific submissions period will be immediately discarded and not considered for award and/or usage.

Winners of monetary awards will be paid only via PayPal or Western Union. Winners of merchandise will be contacted by email for choice of merchandise item, size and shipping address.


Who Can Participate

The NERDZ47 Awardz program is available worldwide to any person who has downloaded the NERDZ47 app and has also registered on the N2N Twitterbase and who is not a member of or relative of any member of the NERDZ47 staff.

Payment of Awards

Money payments can only be made to those able to accept them directly via PayPal or Western Union, or designate someone who can accept on their behalf who does have access to PayPal or Western Union. Runner-up merchandise prizes can only be shipped to the U.S. states and territories.
Persons without access to PayPal or Western Union may still make a topic suggestion with no expectation of receiving a money payment or merchandise unless an acceptable designee for payment and/or acceptable shipping address for merchandise is provided.
Not being able to qualify for payment or merchandise shall not eliminate winners’ names from being given public credit for a Topic that has been selected for inclusion. Winner’s credit will consist of being included at the end of the relative Topic page.

No Equity Positions

Persons submitting a Topic suggestion for one of the NERDZ47 apps agree that the only consideration awarded to winning applicants is a one-time-only payment and/or one of the various money or merchandise awards, and that receipt of said award is in no way to be construed as participation in the revenue of whatever version of the NERDZ47 app in which user's successful suggested topic appears in any current or future version of any NERDZ47 app.

Life-Span of Suggestions

NERDZ47 may choose to periodically issue new versions that re-use previously submitted winning suggestions without paying any subsequent residual amount to any person who has previously accepted any consideration for its submission. All awards are one-time-only payments.
If NERDZ47 chooses to use a suggested topic submitted but not used in a previous NERDZ47 version, the person originally making that suggestion shall retroactively be given the one-time payment offered for 1st ($100), 2nd ($75), 3rd ($50), 4th ($25), or runner-up position at the time of its original offering, plus the public credit for its inclusion.

Sez Who?

Any user submitting an award-winning topic suggestion may be required to submit supporting text plus research source/s (URL’s accepted) on the winning topic. Failure to support a topic's validity may result in disqualification, because we don't need anyone making us do their homework.

Small Print

Before any topic suggestion can be submitted, the user must first check the box signifying that he or she has read these Rules and agrees to all terms stated therein.
No topic can be considered unless the Twitter ID of the sender exists in our N2N Twitterbase, indicating prior registration.
The only acknowledgment that a suggestion has been sent in is the auto-respond message the User may receive once the SUBMIT button on the form has been pressed.
All law governing this Agreement will be whatever the judges/statutes in California say it is.
If any first prize winner prefers to not be given public credit for his or her ‘win,’ that preference must be given to NERDZ47 upon notification of the winning selection.
Users may suggest up to a maximum of three topics for each app – each in a separate submission. Any more than three will be eliminated. Winners will be announced on Twitter @TheRealNerdz47 and in the NEWZ section of our website.