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Nerdz 47

     Genmar Global' scientific division, working closely with a top-secret DNA-harvesting agency, has discovered the existence of a new element in the brains of many nerdish people (even if they don't look Nerdish).
     This element is not harmful and only causes its hosts to become less extroverted and more interested in pursuits of knowledge and uses of modern communications devices.
     The new element, named after Genmar Global' two lead related scientists, doctors Alex and K. Nerdetz, is NERDZIUM. Its symbol is Nz, has an atomic weight of 47, and can be either solid or gaseous at room temperature. To celebrate its discovery Genmar Global has created a NERDZ47 mobile app.

   Identities of the persons diagnosed as having the element cannot be released, but if you  fit into the above-mentioned profile, more information about joining this new community is available: go to the N2N (Nerdz-to-Nerdz) page, fill in the TwitterBase form, get listed by zip code and interests, and join a new community of local users with similar interests.

     There is no secret handshake, but the password phrase is: "what's your favorite topic?" This question is a reference to the new app, and any fellow NERDZ 47user will immediately know you are a kindred spirit and someone to engage in conversation with.

     There is a Nerdz store (for NERDZ47 users only) that offers books, clothing, and useful items. All users are urged to visit the Store, and also follow us @TheRealNerdz47 for info on new items, and also check out our NEWZ page here on the website for updates and other stuff.

AWARDZ program:
      To assist Genmar Global' Cloud-base content accumulation for the updating and creation of new versions of its app, there will be an AWARDZ program in which users can offer topic suggestions: there will be hundreds of winners who will receive up to $100 for each new topic we approve for use, and each 1st place winner's name will be credited in the new app.
     See the website for more details and be sure to follow @TheRealNerdz47 on Twitter for updates and opening dates of topic submission periods.